“The rapid transition to sustainable energy is needed today”


Our partners

Adele collaborates with exceptional partners who offer unparalleled quality

Premium electric components supplier
Low voltage electrical equipment manufacturer
Manufacture of EV Connectors
Low voltage electrical components manufacturer
Astana International Financial Center
International Green Technologies & Investments Center
International Fast Charge Protocol Association

About our company

The group of engineers has gained experience in designing electric vehicle charging stations and our team has invested all knowledge and skills in creating a new, unique product lineup.

Our development center constantly works on the introduction of unique and modern technologies, making our products more ergonomic, intuitive, with a pleasant design for perception.

The company is working on launching the assembly in Hamburg (Germany) and opening representative offices: Warsaw (Poland), Antalya (Turkey), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan).


Our history

2021 - Development of new charging station solutions

Participation in EXPO DUBAI 2020, in the Kazakhstan Pavilion

Obtaining "EAC" certificates for all ADELE products

Contracts for the supply of equipment were concluded

2020 - New Brand Story

Release of charging stations under the new Brand.

Launch of own IT product to control the network of charging stations.

2019 - Participation in events

Joint organization of the first electric marathon in Kazakhstan with IGTIPC.

Included in the initiated Project of the President “Development Strategy of Automotive Industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan.”

Collaboration with Charry Holding.

Consultation of Tesla representatives in Kazakhstan

2018 - First steps in Kazakhstan.

EV Charging Stations have been installed at the largest urban facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2017 - Initiatives

Participation in the development of a national network of charging stations in Kazakhstan.

2015 - 2017 - Prerequisites

Design stage, accumulation of team experience in the sphere of e-Mobility